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How the cavalry learned independence of the seat… I wish we saw more of this type of thing nowadays, it looks like a lot of fun!


This looks like the most fun

I kid you not, I once had a PC instructor who got us to do this kind of stuff most times. She often took our stirrups away too. Once even our saddles.* She sat on that fine line between awesome and evil…

That bit where they’re all boxing the table and crossing in mid-air looks absolutely terrifying, though. Alfie doesn’t even like other horses coming towards him in anything more than a walk, he’d have a meltdown if I ever asked him to do that.

I love this though, and and it’s great how cavalry riding is more about what’s practical and gets the job done well, rather than what looks ‘pretty’. Even in the household cavalry today, they prefer to take on people with no riding experience so that they can teach them their own way.

(*the time she took our saddles away, I felt particularly smug because it was the year I took Benny to camp. All the other girls in my group had been riding their 15.2hh+ers all week, and I’d been somewhat handicapped on my little 11.2hh with my feet almost touching the ground. But when it came to doing tonnes of bareback and ‘trick riding’ stuff, I suddenly had the upperhand and it was fab-u-lous. Like, they were all trying and failing to vault on, and all I had to do was swing my leg over his back and I was there. She did all kinds of mounted games stuff with us too and I could literally lean over to pick things off the ground whilst the others had to dismount, and even when I did have to get off, I could vault back on at a gallop.

Ponies FTW.

I miss that little git.)




This is your arrow of destiny :)

Reblog and when you see it on your dashboard pointing tosomething iwill have something to do with someone/thing to do with your future.

                                                        Good luck (:


mine was a picture of a gorgeous/adorable horse so yay for me! :)

I got a beautiful horse in an even more beautiful forest. I’m happy with this.

I got the Magic School Bus…”Hey, we’re bees!”…

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